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Welcome to cmshaw's Even Newer* and Improved** website for fan fiction!

As you've no doubt noticed, I've finally moved my fic off of GeoCities. It feels good.

Note: If you've been unable to send mail to me as, try using -- there seems to be a problem with at the moment. Sorry!

Stories: Here is the table of contents for all of my fiction.

Recs: I've finally gotten my act together to organize my recommendation page. Now with real links, categories, and a few actual reviews!

Livejournal: If you ever wondered "what the hell goes on in cmshaw's head?", here's your chance to inspect everything from NC-17 snippets to academic discourse and back again.

Fanfiction Glossary: This is still on GeoCities at its old location. Hasn't been updated in a while, but I keep meaning to get around to that. Please read through it first if you accidentally stumbled onto this page without knowing what 'fanfic' and 'slash' mean.

Due South Reference -- Fraser's Apartment: Maps based on Victoria's Secret.

Slashy eye candy:


p.s. Yes, the correct spelling of my name is 'cmshaw', all one word, capitalization optional but not recommended.

* New: Site went live on 22 March 2001. Site was born again on on 5 August 2001 and returned to on 25 November 2001.

** Improved: Do you see any popups? And I'll bet it loaded faster than you expected.
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