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Have you hugged your fanpusher today? This is a semi-organized, semi-annotated collection of fanfiction that I like. Originally much of it was Sentinel, most of it still is slash, and a lot of it will probably always be NC-17, but I won't always note what's what -- wherever possible, I'll let the authors speak for themselves on pairings and warnings and such. This page will not be organized by fandom, pairing, or anything else so popular, but rather by my own internal categories. All categories are subject to continual update, as are my comments about any of the stories listed. Those comments (when I make them coherently) will dwell on why each story caught my attention. Maybe your tastes are similar to mine. If so, why not write me and tell me what you like? Fair's fair, you know.

For those of you wondering how I'm handling linking to the stories I'm rec'ing here, well, I wonder that myself sometimes. I've pretty much decided to link to author's pages where possible, trying to set you down within one or two really obvious clicks of the actual story. When I do that, the link should be off of the author's name, and the story title that you need to be looking for will be in italics. Where I can't do that, or where the author doesn't have a website, I'll link you in directly to the story in an archive somewhere; that link will lead off the story title, although I'll still underline the author's name. (It took me a while to work out this system, so some links may be unexpected.)

(And, for that matter, if I've spelled your name wrong, tell me and I'll fix it with apologies! I've caught myself twice with that.)

1 November 2002 I'm still alive, I promise! I have this list right here of new recs that I mean to put up, and this list of more randomness. Also! Updated the following links: Alice in Stonyland, Bec, Cara Chapel, Julad, Miriam Heddy, Vera, and the Mountie Slayer series. Speaking of, does anyone know where I can find Cathryn, Grey, Helen, Kris Williams, or Mallory Klohn these days?


The sections:


Old updates:

22 March 2002 And again, I have slacked. I humbly apologize and offer this set of links by way of temporary appeasement. I have gone through and made certain that every single one of the links on these pages is still working -- and yes, this includes the new structure of Hth's page.

2 January 2002 Yes, I've got lots of things to say. No, I'm not going to update yet. I just wanted to let you know that the House of Slack is back, and so is Hth. Plus I've changed the broken link to Quoth's page to point to the Trekiverse archive copy.

5 November 2001 Yeah, yeah, I'm a slacker. Sorry.

Lotsa new recs: I've put together another section. This one is a catch-all for premises I don't like; I thought I'd try something new, since most of my recs are in areas I do like. I call it Things I Don't Like (Except When I Like Them) and it's got flashbacks, AUs, rape/recovery stories, soap operas, and heterosexuality. All good, I promise.

I've added a new subsection to the Silly Awards for Queer Characterization, for stories that really peg what I know as gay sensibility (subjective, yes, but obviously shared by a few other people out there). I'd like to find enough of these to make it its own section, but they're actually rather rare in slash fiction. Right now I've got Laura Jacquez Valentine's Un-American and Basingstoke's Checks and Balances in there -- I know there are more, but I need to find them again.

Speranza has a new story up -- it's a kick-ass sequel to Four Virtues, so it goes in with that one in the Post-COTW section, and it's got six really scary kids, so it's hitting the Domesticity: Kids arena as well. Rushlight's newest is joining the Pleasures and Fantasies section. Watch for Fraser saying, "I know, I know. It's going to hurt like a bitch."

I still have no word on where VG's stories have gone. Quoth and the House of Slack have just gone AWOL. Hth's site is also down, but she's got backups of everything and will be finding a new location when she has time. On the other hand, if you're looking for the new websites of Francesca, Helen in Hell, or Jane St. Clair, I've got your updates right here, baby.

3 September 2001 Well, the biggest change is that I finally broke this page off into segments. The segements may themselves splinter in the future, if people keep forcing me to update by writing stories worth recommending, so I'd advise linking only to this page, assuming you felt some urge to come back here again. I've got more updates, if that'll tempt you; I've just been too busy to put all the links together and natter on about them so you'd know at least a little about what you were getting into.

I've got a little for ya, though: there's another subsection in the Silly Awards: Best Use of Joke Mail. It's very silly. Enjoy. Added two more entries to the Ray/Ray subsection of One At A Time, a short-short by Matthew Haldeman-Time and a trilogy by Alice in Stonyland. And hey look: it's a Sentinel story. Gosh, I remember back when almost everything I read was Sentinel. Of course, this isn't a new, hot-off-the-press story -- in fact, you've probably read it already. But hey, if you need a link to reread it, Tender by Resonant is up in the Arabesques section.

30 July 2001 Put Speranza's newest story, Chicago's Most Wanted, up in the Shock to the System section. I might have other recs to put up here, but at the moment my nerves are still going zing! zing! zing! and tossing out random images of Patriarch Ben at the head of the table, or Ray tied to his bed and arguing, or hands clasping in that holding cell....

26 June 2001 Added a new section (stop looking at me like that!): One At A Time, which will have subsections (yeah, like the Silly Awards section does) with themes that just happen in one fandom, so that I don't feel all guilty about putting up a category that will only ever hold stories from one fandom. That would feel like favoritism, and I said not to give me that look, okay? So far I've got (of course) Due South themes: Ray/Ray Stories and Post-Call-of-the-Wild Stories. I think I may go looking for Sentinel Too Stories for the next update, but don't hold me to that.

A new Crossover added to the Silly Awards section: "Whatever (Firing Pin)" by Wax Jism (and I mean it about the warnings!). Another award for Story Summaries also added to Silly Awards, to Helen in Hell. Two new authors added to the Betcha Can't Read Just One section: Speranza and Basingstoke. Updated the links to Helen's page again.

12 June 2001 And another new section -- I was hoping to save this for Hallowe'en, but I'm just not that patient. Scary Stories are now available. Er, mostly available. Come on, I was going to die of waiting here.

A new "Best Tough Love" story added to the Silly Awards section: "No Lothario" by Francesca.

30 May 2001 Just back from MediaWest*Con, and I felt like playing instead of working today at work. (And hey, if my boss is reading this: thbbbt! I know you're not working either. Don't you just love fannish offices?)

Anyway, I added a few more stories into the Arabesques section and updated the links to Sitnah's page. The rec set with the scary stories that I mentioned below will be the next one after this one.

23 May 2001 There are two new sections: Arabesques, because one of the things I love about experimental genres like fanfic is the chance to play with interesting narrative structures -- look, it's a literary critic thing, okay? -- and Short-shorts, which are stories only a page long, two at most, which pack some really deep insights into that space.

Added a new subsection for "Best Canon-Like Craziness" to the Silly Awards section (which seems to be turning into my catch-all category -- although this subsection is actually silly, most of the stories aren't). Added "No Son Of His" to the Christmas section (yes, it's a Fraser/Vecchio story, which will be about as rare on this page as death stories (of which you can expect one or two in the next set of recs, by the way) -- not that this is a death story). Added Hth to the Betcha Can't Read Just One section, and smacked myself upside the head for not doing so sooner.

In the "general cleanup" category of updates, I've updated the links to Hth's, Shift's, Helen's, and Resonant's pages.

24 April 2001 Just a little two-step shuffle. I've fixed the broken links for "Gentlemen," "Quack," and "Full Disclosure," and added a bit more description to the whole Quicker Picker Uppers section.

11 April 2001 New section added: Domesticity. It's Sentinel and Due South stuff for now. (Yes, there's a lot of Due South fic hitting this page these days -- the excitement of a new fandom, ah me oh my.)

20 March 2001 New section added: Silly Awards. Also, Due South recs are hitting various sections:

5 Jan 2001 Just a small update: a kind soul named Geoffrey has provided me with a link to VG's website, as featured in the Quicker Picker Upper section.

20 Dec 2000 Before I even put the last updates out to the public I caught the seasonal bug. You know the one I mean -- it's transmitted by mall music and tacky light displays and crass consumerism. Without further ado, Christmas stories which don't suck.

12 Dec 2000 An actual update to this extraordinary. More, some actual reviews, of a sort -- of the sort that I've been promising to do for over a year now, in fact. Proof positive that wonders never cease.


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