After great pain, a formal feeling comes--
The Nerves lie ceremonious, like Tombs--
--Emily Dickenson, After great pain...

A series in progress
by cmshaw

The Sentinel and its characters are the property of Pet Fly, Inc, and UPN, and are used without permission.

(Hardly surprising, since no one in their right mind would give me permission to do this to their characters.)

This series is rated NC-17 overall, for language, J/B sex and sexual situations, violence, and angst. (Individual stories may be rated R.) If you can't stand to see hearts broken by truth, leave now.

This series contains spoilers for the episode Nightshift.

I bow in humble gratitude to Malissa and MoonPuppy, who are not only beta reading this story arc but actually encouraging me to inflict it upon the rest of the world.

Stories should be read in order.

  1. It Pays the Rent (1 September 1998; 10K)
    in which words spoken in anger prove to be cutting
  2. Twisting the Knife (7 September 1998; 5K)
    in which assumptions are pondered as life goes on
  3. Lost Faith (16 September 1998; 8K)
    in which partnership continues but friendship does not
  4. Conversing Intimately (in progress)
    in which more is said of partnership
  5. (in progress)

"What good does it do a man to have ears that will hear for a thousand miles if he cannot listen to the whispers of his own heart?"
--Gabe, Sentinel Too


"Can't you hear the voice in my heart
It calls your name in the middle of the night
It's always been a quiet voice when it's breaking
And I don't wanna talk about love now
This love was my saving grace
So can't I just say that I love you and we'll call it a day"
--Nanci Griffith, I Don't Wanna Talk About Love

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